Sunday, June 8, 2008


This weekend has been pretty intense so far, and it's only sunday. It's a holiday weekend for the Dragon Boat Festival, which means we have monday off work. I need it too. I spent 8 hours over two days gettting my visa extended for another month. Also, i found out i'll probably have to return to the states for a few days to get my residence visa sorted out. Anyone want to meet me in SF?

So, Friday night five of us went Frolfing, a.k.a. Frisbee Golf. Exactly like regular golf, it's only fun with beer in hand, or, as it were, beer in hand and 6 more in the backpack. So yeah, we played well into the night under the lights at Chaoyang Park. We no doubt impressed and terrified many locals with our amazing hucks and joyous frivolity. I look like a ghost in this first picture because I set the shutter speed to 10" to allow me time to run out there. It's actually taking a picture the whole 10" so I don't start out in the frame but I end up there if I stay really still. Cool effect.

We also had the brilliant idea to shotgun our last 5 beers. We found a nice old man and interupted him from Tai Chi to come take some pictures of us. He complied and no doubt will have a great story to tell his friends over Chess later that night.

We also found a tiny patch of hard, dry grass in front of the restaurant we dined at afterward. I don't know exactly how we did it, but we convinced Joe to do multiple layouts on the grass. Chances are we made a brilliant argument like, "Joe, you should do multiple layouts on the grass." This shot is of his fifth an final attempt.

Joe doesn't like his body much.
Saturday night was absolutely intense and sobering, but I'm not sure if I can post about it yet. I've witnessed some of what make Beijing so raw. I'll try to cover it tomorrow.


The Tao said...

That guy took some great pictures... the shotgun before and afters speak for themselves.

Greg said...

Yes, those all need to be facebooked.