Thursday, June 19, 2008

Frolf Follow-up

Tao finally got around to writing about Frolf from two weeks ago, and it reminded me that I forgot to include something in my story, and it's too fantastic to pass up. After we finished up with HouHai, we went to a small restaurant across the street. Quoting Tao from his post

Across Andingmen Street and to a small eatery where the beers still came and I asked them to bring out the hottest chicken wings they could make. They smirked and watched from behind the glass as Joe tried it and, eyes expressionless, nodded. Kevin touched one and licked his finger and said, "Don't do it, you'll hate yourself." I took a bite and a moment later through tears was asking them to bring out a third bottle of water(...)

Those of you who've ever been to Indian or Thai with me know I like my food spicy. I like to insult and taunt the chef, so that they realize I mean business. Otherwise I get "American Hot" and not the real stuff.

This spice, however, obviously came directly from the bowels of hell. I've never tasted anything so spicy, nay, painful in my life. The dab on my finger I tasted instantly set my senses aflame. Tao's mouthful was excruciating. I'm guessing he thought I was joking when i said he would hate himself. Alas, I was not. I also didn't realize Tao had the spice tolerance level of an infant. View below. I've entitled these pictures "Taopain" and "Taouch". Although he looks almost happy in the first picture, I can assure you, he is not.

Also, I'm pretty excited for Shanghai this weekend. Although, the forecast is less than ideal.

Hey, at least the forecast doesn't call for "sandstorms".

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The Tao said...

it hurt so much. thing is, this isn't the hottest chicken wings in the city. my cousin Zhang Peng had ones from a hutong close to where I live once, and he said he threw up afterwards cause it was that saturated with hotness.