Saturday, July 10, 2010

Vacation so close, i can taste it

Therese and i have been thinking about and researching Indonesia for almost two months now. The anticipation is building like a snowball builds a snowman. We've been stocking up on lightweight travel gear, planning routes, asking questions... eleven more days.

Our original plan may have been a tad ambitious, as we wanted to get all the way to Flores, a less travelled island three east of Bali. This would have required 3-4 days round trip on a ferry in a relatively short time frame. Since it's our first trip to this area, we figured there's no harm in exploring Bali and it's surrounds completely. Here's our tentative itinerary, and yes, i'm a planner. I get it from my dad.

Click to enlarge.

That's all very tentative, and we both know that once you hit the road it can require nothing short of a miracle to tear yourself away from a temporary paradise. Plans change, stays are extended, new routes are forged, experiences are shared with others and new paradise is found. But man, doesn't that look awesome?

I should mention that after Ubud, we'll be meeting up with my friend Andy Susanto. He's an Indonesian.

Funny story: i met him in the dorms freshman year and we shared a house sophomore year. He's an awesome little guy, an amazing cook, always smiling, and extremely generous. None of my college friends had spoken with him since 1998, twelve years. And it wasn't for lack of trying. He just seemed to fall off the earth, but he's always been in the back of my mind, especially since i'm actually on his half of the world now. How can i find him? Internet: you're my only hope.

After we decided to do Indonesia, i had another go at tracking him down. Facebook brought him back onto the radar. I found a half dozen Andy Susanto's and messaged them all, and just like that, Andy existed again. He's gonna fly to Bali and meet us for the last weekend. Facebook, for the win!

See you soon, Platypus.


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Andy said...

and I will be seeing you soon as well bro!