Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ab,D! at Jiang Jin Jiu Bar

Autobots, Deploy! has been playing some gigs recently, all of them at a new place for us. Jiang Jin Jiu bar has a prime spot between the drum and bell towers in the historical Gulou neighborhood, surrounded by hutongs. This is the same area as Nan Lou Gu Xiang and Hou Hai. Unfortunately, Beijing is planning some pretty severe renovations of this entire area, and the ancient hutongs will be all destroyed and replaced with malls and parking structures. It's a terrible things to conceive, but at least we're getting to enjoy it now.

Thanks to Tao, we've got videos of our most recent show. Without further ado, here are a handful of the ELEVEN videos he recorded for us.

Actually, yeah, there is further ado. Notice the shirt i'm wearing. Ray and the Rents may recognize this as the Ya Show uniform i once endeavored to purchase. I managed to buy one earlier that day. Love it! I immediately donned my new prize and received the attention of all nearby employees. I convinced some of them i was actually employed there and proved my haggling skills with overdramatic displays of reverse bargaining. At one point, i managed to sell a piece of cheap luggage back to the salesgirl for 100 RMB, but my starting price was 900. She got ripped off.

That's all the ado for now. Jam on.

Hint: hold 'crtl' while clicking the links below to open multiple pages so they can load while you make a cup of Constant Commenttm, mom and dad.
Again, huge thanks Tao!


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