Sunday, July 25, 2010

Indonesia Part 1 - Bali

The long awaited vacation is upon us, and after 3 flights totaling 16 hours, we arrived safely in Bali. The flights were mostly uneventful, although the stopover in Jakarta was a mess. We waited in a painfully slow customs line to enter the county, switched airports with a 30 minute bus ride, waited in a line to enter the second airport, waited in a line to pay the transfer fee, moved to the correct line for the transfer fee, and went through security. The moral of the story: avoid Lion Air's cheap option from Singapore to Bali.

We both managed to get roughly a full night of sleep between all the layovers and flights, so we weren't terribly tired, just physically exhausted. We rewarded ourselves promptly with massages and beer. That night my love-at-first-taste affair with Bintang, Indonesia's local beer, began. I'd be sure to have two or more large bottles a day from there on out.

We spent two nights in Sanur, a sleepy, charming town away from the crazy tourist parties of Kuta and Legion. On day two, we rented mopeds and drove 45 minutes to Seminyak, which is the upscale tourist destination. We found everything to be 2-3x more expensive than Sanur and decided we had made the right decision. We popped into the famed Ku De Ta to browse the menu... $12 a drink sent us in search of other options.

Strolling the beach, we heard a Gamelon orchestra performing a play with Balinese dancers. At the entrance, it indicated you had to be a guest to proceed. We strolled in looking like we belonged, ordered a few drinks at the bar, and took some front row seats for the final few acts of the play. Gamelon is pretty cool music, percussive and lyrical at the same time. It makes me wish i had joined the Gamelon Orchestra at CU when i was there. I didn't take many photos during the first few days, but this was an experience i wanted to capture.

The monkey king was Therese's favorite, but his monkey's will probably be present in all my nightmares for the foreseeable future, what with the distorted faces and unnatural movements and all.

On the third day, we caught an early boat to the Gili Islands and began the process of loving island life. Here's a preview, walking Gili Air's perimeter at sunset.


babbler said...

I surf alot of blogs, this one takes the cake! I am completely enthralled. I had to go look at your profile to see if you are a tourist, rockstar or just a nut who likes long plane rides to wild destinations. I will definately keep following this grand adventure, looks like fun. I toured with a rock band a few years back, and saw exotic locales such a these but never made it to China. Saw Korea, Mariana islands, Singapore, Japan, Sarajevo (great vacation spot by the way, just don;t wander too far from the vehicle) and other places around the globe. That guy Eric looks like trouble, he needs a good prank played on him, and soon. Make sure he has plenty of that good beer in him first.
If you want a chuckle while you brew some constant comment, please visit us at "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends" and enjoy a napkin or two of goo.
Ta-ta for now, I remain, your most humble servant and newest follower,
"Mrs. Slug"

D-Wing said...

Wow looks fantastic