Friday, June 18, 2010

World Cup, Cats in Bags, Other Great Things

The World Cup is in full swing now, and what better way to commemorate then with a long overdue kitty post! But first, this little morsel of awesomeness, posted in the elevators of my apartment building.
Please watch the match matter civilized, Treated the lose and win reasonable, Do not abuse other person, Express own affection with civilized and gentle way.
No matter the match how wonderful, Please lower the voice, in order to avoid that affect and disturb the family members and neighbors.

Thank you for your understanding and Cooperation.
So we've been watching the world cup regularly, have enjoyed the highlights of USA tying England, Ghana showing up to play, Germany trouncing... and the low-lights of Spain's upset. No matter the match how wonderful, Therese and i have been watching the match matter civilized, but no one has enjoyed it more than Muse. We never used the TV until now, and she just realized there are tiny people inside that grey box in the living room. And she wants them. Bad.

Sometimes, when the little guy just barely escapes her clutches and runs off screen, she darts behind the TV and scans for wherever her prey is hiding. Video coming later, look for an update.

In other news, Maze loves being inside bags. I mean, she just LOVES it. Not sure why, maybe it's her insecurities and she feels protected within them. But, she probably doesn't realize WE CAN STILL SEE HER.

The catfights are still awesome. I only have one addition but it's pretty great, and i feel like it should be from a Garfield cartoon. If you look closely, they are fighting over territory, which, in this case, is a plastic bag.

Muse poised to pounce, butt all up on the windowsill for maximum thrust.

Of course, it's not all fighting over bags and attacking tiny television men around here. Sometimes it's just cuddling.

And finally, Maze contemplating the mysteries of time and space. Her brain is only moments away from exploding. Poor Maze, she just doesn't understand.



Anonymous said...

TVs and animals are great! Quite a few years ago, when Nazy was still with us, he went nuts over the movie 101 Dalmations(non cartoon). When the dogs barked, he would bark and run behind the TV looking for them.

The Tao said...

Simply delightful. On a related note (my favorite clause in all the English language, perhaps), I now know how the hot Asian chick in ER felt after giving up her newborn baby for adoption: I miss Pi.

Andy said...

Yo Kev, finally had time to read parts of your blogs. Can't wait to see you write about Indonesia. Be waiting for you in Indoland.