Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tian Zi Fang

Friday in Shanghai was one of those rare, free days before a tournament. We decided to take it easy and stroll through Tián Zi Fāng (田子坊) , or "Lover's Lane". This is Shanghai's answer to the hip hutong hangout of Beijing's Nan Lou Gu Xiang.

While it is a very nice area to spend an afternoon, it didn't much feel like China. It could have easily been in San Francisco or Paris. The old brick houses and chic cafe's felt too familiar. But maybe i've just been in Beijing too long.

The shops and restaurants were all really cool. Western food is everywhere, coffee shops line the alleys, and artists are everywhere. The scene inspired me to take lots of pictures.

So i did.
Our pair of couples enjoyed brunch at Kommune.
Therese found a kitty.
I photographed some old ladies.
Then a cool building and patio.
I took another cute picture of Therese.
Then a stairway.
A candid moment with Baby Girl and Leigh.
And a bird.

I feel like that probably should have been a poem.


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