Saturday, September 26, 2009

Introducing: Happy Sparkle Kitty Magic

Ace found a 4-month-old kitty at school. It was weak, emaciated, skinny, sick, and left for dead by its mom. Being a good ace, she took her to the vet to be taken care of, cleaned, and treated for her multitude of ailments. Ten days later, we took her home.

Within moments she found a small crack in the bottom of the kitchen cabinets which led to the plumbing and into the walls of our house.

We would not see her again for two days, although each night, at the stroke of midnight, she emerged for a short time to wreak havoc on our plants and eat/regurgitate vitamins onto our floor.

On day three, we lured her out into the kitchen with promises of tasty tasty chicken flesh. Embodying the very essence of "bait and switch", she did not attain chicken flesh, but was instead promptly sequestered to the bathroom.

The next day, she exchanged heart racing for purring, crying for mewing, and cowering in a corner for cuddling on a lap. She gained access to the living room and we quickly kitty proofed all the holes she could escape into. We also named her. Since she's a Chinese kitty, we had to give her a Chinese name; Her official name is Happy Sparkle Kitty Magic, and her nickname is Muse. Or Mews.

We also bought and installed little yellow cat claw caps so she can't scratch things. She hates them!

So, without further ado... behold photos and a video of our newest addition, Muse.

Cat and Kev napping.

Ace took this video while she was playing with her new toy.




Anonymous said...

Cute kitty :o)

waiting to see pictures of the 'rents & midbro on your site :o)

Anonymous said...

Me too! What about Happy Sparkle Family Magic? ~joan