Friday, September 11, 2009

Autobots, Deploy!

From the death of Lan Daotian springs new life, a new project with Jeff Orcutt on guitar and Jon Kelly on bass. These guys are great musicians and we're experimenting with some new sounds and ideas. I've been jamming with them weekly at Tuesday Open Mic for many months now, though the three of us have only just begun practicing together. The result has been awesome.

Our crowning achievement thus far has been mastering Iambic 9 Poetry, by Squarepusher. Here's the original for your reference, so you can fully appreciate how awesome we are.

Our band name for now is Autobots, Deploy!. That's a Transformers reference, i've been told. I once had an Optimus Prime action figure as a child, and i'm pretty sure it was great, until i broke it's arm off. I moved on from Transformers and never looked back, so the reference is a little lost on me. However, the Chinese have gone nuts for the new Transformers movie, so maybe the name was a smart marketing move.

We have our first gig coming up at What Bar next week. Milan Alex, one of my friends in Shanghai, heard about it and asked me . Here is our conversation in its entirety, with only minor changes and spelling corrections.

milankalex: which bar?

me: why?

milankalex: i'm asking what's the name of the bar

me: yeah, it is.

milankalex: no tell me the name of the bar

me: what bar

milankalex: the bar you're going to saturday

me: correct

milankalex: (this is actually pretty good)

me: what is the name of the bar.

milankalex: what is the street name

me: no, what is the bars name.

milankalex: i'm asking you!

tell me what's the name of the bar, so I can go

me: ok, we'll be at what bar!

milankalex: i hate you!

me: (clap clap clap!)

milankalex: and end!

me: rah rah rah!

milankalex: nice work

me: bravo indeed, that was delightful

milankalex: people are looking at me funny in the office

for laughing at my screen

me: hehehe

I actually started crying from laughter about halfway through.


Update: ... and the gig got cancelled. Then rescheduled. Then we cancelled because i'll be in Dalian for a tournament!

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