Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This Week in Drama

Life isn't always happy sparkle fun time living in Beijing. Sure, there are hutongs, parties and great food; frisbee, live music, and awesome friends.

But sometimes, like this week, life is difficult. In particular, the last minute preparations for getting Therese approved to live with me were very trying. It all worked out, and without going into specifics, i guess it could have been worse. Above all, the language barrier and unfamiliar customs create very difficult situations and negotiations. The end result is that after about three weeks of chasing down smokescreen problems, i learned the root cause last night. I'm happy to regale you with a story over beer, but i don't want to ramble the details here. Now the problems are alleviated and the celebration can begin. She arrives in two days. (!!!)

Otherwise, it was a pretty typical week. A recap:
  • Twin Party on friday night (maybe pictures later)
  • Jamming with the band, dinner and some live music on saturday
  • Frisbee and badminton on sunday
  • More frisbee on monday
  • Open-mic on tuesday
  • And more jamming tonight
Life is good. Regardless of the difficulties i mentioned earlier, i can't complain. I even tried, but i guess it all needs to be in perspective. All that crap was just a learning experience for me.


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