Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Listen Beijing: I'm leaving you

... unless you quit with the fireworks already. Yes, i understand that 15 days is about how long it takes for your citizens to fully appreciate the new year. I get that, really. And sure, i was warned that the 15th day of the new year is another massive celebration. But if you don't stop this insanity by tomorrow (which you will), i'll be forced to leave you (which i won't).

Today is the Lantern Festival whence families gather and eat rice balls. I, on the other hand, had breakfast for dinner: hash browns with three fried eggs and a grilled cheese sandwich. It was incredible. But i digress. Today we were sent home from work early and i went out exploring with two colleagues, Sky and Cindy. We wandered hutongs, learned about tea and water color painting, and enjoyed the beautiful spring day. It was actually a really, really great day.

Sky and Cindy

New megaplexes looming over ancient hutongs.

In other news, tonight will feature the the roundest moon in 52 years. So, um... hooray!?

And i'll leave you with this image from the hostel in Kunming...


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The Tao said...

Fireworks are awesome!