Saturday, February 7, 2009


I took a quick trip this weekend to Kunming... a late evening flight brought me two days of ultimate in fantastic weather in a vibrant, interesting town. This place will become one of my favorite weekend destinations. As i write this, i'm sitting on the rooftop patio of our hostel overlooking the city and watching the sunset. The air and streets are cleaner than Beijing, the vibe is more relaxed, and it's 6000 ft elevation. It reminds be a bit of Colorado. I'm vaguely entertaining dreams of moving here after my stint in the Jing. But that's a long time from now,
and we all know what can happen in a year.

Me, caught mid-rooftop-blogging.

Evening view from the rooftop.

Deserted alley near the fields.

Random picture from the airport.

This shop has 8 employees. And one customer. What unemployment problem?


p.s. Therese arrives in 20 days, and she already has a job!


kevinreitz said...

sweet pics man!

kevinreitz said...

I am awesome.

Casey said...

how i hope i were there! what do you think about the Ningbo team?

kevinreitz said...

Ningbo was pretty good, they lost all the games but we were all very impressed. They have great throws and love the deep game, they probably just need to be more patient on offense. the way... those first two comments were posted by Tao, using my account.

Casey said...

They told me that the girls was our weak link and they became very very tired playing against you guys! haha~ we still have a long way to go~

anyway, great that you all had great time in kunming!

ps:it's apparent that the 2nd comment was posted by other people~ lol~

The Tao said...

Who took that sweet pic of you on the cpu?