Thursday, November 21, 2013


For the remainder of their stay, we just hung around, ate, played games, took walks, and chilled with j-dizzle. There were a few breaks in the action when i had two days of back-to-back shows.  The first one was with Red Rainbows, a fun band i sometimes join for concerts. I played the cajon (box drum) in front of a crowd of curious locals and amped-up kids. The show was for a newly opened karaoke club.
We are huge with the 4-7 aged demographic.
The next night i had a show at Pirate Cafe, a very cool bar in the mountains south of Westlake. It's a real no-foolin' pirate ship, sails and all!

We eventually got to do some local touristy stuff when Alex and Madaline came down from Beijing for a few days. Of course, we had to explore Westlake a bit. The amazing thing about Westlake is, even during the national holiday, when every tourist location is overrun, you can still find a clean, empty patch of grass to enjoy.
Posing with the best worst outfit of the day. 
The next day we checked out Jiuxi Shiba Jian, or Nine Creeks and Eighteen Gullies, a beautiful walk through tea fields which ends in Longjing Tea Village.

 Hangzhou also enjoyed the worst floods in 60 years.


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