Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Fall Costume Roundup

It's now time to highlight costumes from this years tournaments and halloween.  Oddly enough, i was never really into halloween living in the US.  For someone without the arts and crafts dexterity to actually make a costume, it was a stressful holiday for me.  Four years in a row, i dressed as Hugh Kevfner, basically just buying a few new accessories to add to a burgundy smoking jacket/robe.

Moving to China, however, i've embraced any situation that allows me to dress up.  This is usually frisbee-related, but i've been known to dress up for random birthday parties and also on tuesdays.  I guess there's something about being a foreigner that makes it even more fun to be weird in public.  Since we get stared at all the time anyway, might as well walk around dressed like a penguin too.  Cheap tailored clothing opens up a lot of options as well.

First up, the Beijing Tournament.  The party theme was "Empires" and my team (Jiangnan) tossed around a lot of decent ideas.  We considered the Roman Empire (togas), the Greek Empire (spartan warriors), The Empire Strikes Back (anything star wars), and even Umpires. Ultimately though, we settled on the simple, yet brilliant, Empire Penguins.  We ordered 15 costumes on the internet and we won the party award with authority.

My favorite part of the night was when 15 penguins landed in Sanlitun and waddled our way to the party.  We flocked in formation and found random Chinese pedestrians to flock around.  Once the leader penguin identified a target, they would squawk in his/her/their general direction to alert the flock.  Then, we would come together and mass squawk the target(s).  We did this for about 15 minutes.  Old guys were great and usually played along with us, and solo girls were hilarious because they just couldn't deal and curled up/played dead.  
The flock preparing for tequila shots
Next up, Hong Kong.  I reunited to play with my Big Brother brethren for the first time all year. The party theme was  Big Ass Spaceships in Outer Space.  There was little debate what our costume would be:
Men In Black
We won that party award too.  Joe and Alicia didn't get the memo about not smiling here, but it's still an awesome photo, complete with one alien on the ground.

Then there was the Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat, our local tournament.  Our theme was just a Halloween party, so i decided to go as a mummy.  Esther and I were waiting for a taxi and this old lady walks up and whispers to Esther, "What wrong with him? Is he injured?"

The theme for Manila Spirits was gender swap.  Our guys dressed as housewives and the girls as businessmen.  This one is actually not so fantastic.

For actual Halloween, I had a show at Pirate Cafe and the manager requested i reprise my Captain Jack Sparrow costume (thanks again, Jehan).

Jordan dressed up as a bee, and while esther didn't dress up, we just said she was a bee keeper.

All-in-all, it was a successful fall of costuming.


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