Monday, July 8, 2013

Jordan's Video Roundup - Months 6-9

As promised, more videos of everyone's favorite Triumphant Forest King. He's 9 months old today (!!!) and these videos are from the last three months. He's crawling like a maniac now, rambling gibberish, and pulling himself up to a standing position with ease.  The little dude will stand there hanging onto his Playjail™ watching and talking to us from across the room for an hour, classic Triumphant Forest King.

Numba 1. In which Jordan corrects mama's English.

Numba 2. In which Jordan is tickled by my beard.

Numba 3. In which a hilarious game suddenly goes horribly wrong.  We may never know why.

Numba 4. In which Jordan enjoys a game of hide-n-seek with mama.

Numba 5. In which Jordan defends himself from the blanket monster.  I particularly love the look he gives Esther at 0:40... I SEE YOU BLANKET LADY.  I AM ONTO YOUR GAME.

Numba 6. In which Jordan makes the world a better place through laughter.

Good times. Good times.


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