Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Tragically Belated and Much Awaited Post

Ok, so i have a few excuses for why i haven't posted anything in over two months.  Wanna hear them? 


Excuse #1: My iphone was stolen at frisbee by three little 12-year-old punks. Before we realized what happened, it was far too late, and they were long gone. I was pissed and sad for a little while. Fortunately i had backed up most of my photos and videos of Jordan, but there were five or six new videos of him laughing/crawling/being awesome that were lost forever. I lost my desire to blog.

Excuse #2: I've been writing for the More Hangzhou magazine a lot in the past three months as a part time job. Unfortunately, most of what i write doesn't get onto the website, but there's usually at least one thing up there that's mine. It's the first time i've been paid to write, and it's a really good feeling. I enjoy writing, and seeing my words in print is pretty cool.  Plus it helps pay the rent. But writing for them means i don't have the drive to write for myself.

Excuse #3: I've started playing drums in the band at Mangos Bar, and not so coincidentally i wrote that review too. When i went in there to review the place, i was of course drawn to the drumset. I hadn't played in over a year and had been missing it. I got to talking with the owner, Tony, who was looking to form a band. He just needed a drummer. So, now i'm playing there wednesday through sunday nights from 8:30-11 as another part time job.

But excuses are stupid. Today i finally decided to connect esther's ipad to my computer to see if i could copy all of her awesome Jordan videos and photos.  Turns out i can.  It's time for everyone's favorite blog post... MASSIVE JORDAN PHOTO DUMP!  ... as opposed to his other kind of massive dump.
See what happens when you fall asleep during lunch?

60 year-old feeding chair that esther's grandfather made.

Dad off to a job fair!
Is sad...
...sheds a single tear.
On the high-speed train to shanghai for a beer fest.
Sound check at the beer fest with Fred.
Kev working the Great Leap tent at beer fest.
Meiguo grandparents
Jordan gets a haircut/is a monk.
Jordan standing by himself in his new playjail. The dude crawls too fast to be allowed to free-range.

Next time, soon i promise.... videos! Esther takes lots of videos so this should be interesting.


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