Thursday, April 21, 2011

2011 Tianjin Open

My first Ultimate Frisbee tournament of the season was this past weekend, the annual Tianjin Open. Last year, the competition was pretty fierce and Big Brother lost to Tianjin Speed on day one, before winning the whole tournament (and party) on day two, beating Shanghai in the semi's and Tianjin Speed in the finals.

This year, Shanghai didn't make it, and Speed didn't seem as strong. Big Brother even split itself into two equal strength teams: Sexy and Ugly. Team Ugly won it's first three games on day one with a combined score of 33-2. Team Sexy (my team of course) won all three games as well, although by narrower margins. Sexy and Ugly played the fourth game against each other that day in the first real challenging game either team had all day. We traded points early, before Ugly took a break and the lead. They held it for most of the game until time cap went on at 5-4. Sexy, down by one in a game to 6, managed to pull out two straight breaks for the win, including the final score upwind.

The saturday night party was, by most accounts, a good time. The theme was Rainbow, which, given Dalian's tendency to pick themes like "Sunglasses", and "Hats", was not so bad. As it was, we were the only team to even attempt a costume, and we went as... wait for it... a rainbow.

Not our most creative moment, but it was Michael "Doc" Tobin's idea, so we didn't expect much.

Each person dressed up as one solid color from the rainbow, and we substituted Pink for Indigo, leaving us with ROYGBPV and sometimes white. Also, Tao was a prism.

I brought all my pink gear and outfitted Joe, Matt, and myself as a beautiful trio of pink awesomeness. Those familiar with my Ya Show obsession (and pink in general) can imagine how thrilled i am with the shirt i bought for the occasion. Yes, i bought that off the back of a female employee. I also have one in blue.

Day two was windy. All day. Right up until when the Final game (Ugly vs. Sexy again) was supposed to happen. Instead it was cancelled due to a massive sandstorm blowing in from Beijing. People bundled up or left completely, while Big Brother did our best to cope. This is when i discovered a new use for Five Ultimate jersey's. It turns out you can actually see through them well enough to catch and throw a disc. Amazing!

We did eventually play the finals when the storm blew over, but so many people had left, that we just practiced against each other in the wind. A good end to a decent tourney, where Big Brother one both the tournament and the party.

I'm off to Jeju tomorrow for my second tournament in two weeks. Hurrah!


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