Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Failure of Pants

February was rough, but I'll rant about that a little later. The good news is, March is starting off great, sprinting out of the gate with a quick pants-related win. So i bought these Kühl pants over Christmas and wore them twice. The third time i wore them was at dinner with friends in Beijing. From normal wear and tear of three wearings, they fell apart, at the ass. Let the jokes begin.

I wrote the following letter to Kühl on January 24th.

I bought a pair of Kühl’s at the Boulder REI store on Dec 30th, and wore them three times. Not sure what model they were, it says “Crag Series” on the inside. I never had an opportunity to wash them, because upon the third wearing, they literally fell apart at the butt. While at dinner, my girlfriend pointed out to me a small hole in the back. I figured i’d just have them fixed the next day. It hadn’t been caught on anything, and i wasn’t doing anything active that evening. By the end of the night, there were two massive holes. Never before have i seen such a catastrophic failure of PANTS. They seemed to be just disintegrating. The worst thing is, i really like them. I got all kinds of compliments about them, etc.

Anyway, this could be easily resolved if i were living in the states, but i reside in Beijing. Shipping these pants anywhere outside of China will easily cost $20, and the funny thing is it says they are Made in China. How do you suggest we handle this?

Etc. Etc.

So they totally hooked me up with a brand new pair, and they arrived today, March 1st. Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Keep this up, and we're gonna get along just fine, March.



Anonymous said...

If KUHL hooked you up with a new pair. Maybe you should take the image down.

Kevin Reitz said...

Nah. It's part of the clothing review. The result of the review is the excellent costumer service, but the facts still remain.