Monday, February 7, 2011

New Year Resolution: Blog When I Want

It's been a while since i rapped at ya, i just took a month off blogging, and it was good. After 200 plus posts over two and a half years, i feel like i've told my story here in Beijing. Between frisbee, parties, Chinese life, cats, traveling, and other random stuff, i wonder if it gets repetitive. For me, the easiest to write about has been new travels. Writing about last years trips to Indonesia and Philippines never felt like a chore. It was always exciting and interesting, and telling stories though photos suits my style well.

So what about the daily life? As I approach year three, i've got a routine and much of it is redundant. I don't want this blog to get stale, but i also don't want to post boring dribble ala Dear blog, today i washed clothes and bought vegetables at the market. It was amazing!

This is much of why i decided to not post at all this past month. Not only did nothing seem blog-worthy, but i was burned out. I was traveling for 2 weeks anyway and work was a nightmare whence i returned. But i'm feeling a bit refreshed after Chinese New Year. I actually want to tell the story of my birthday plane flight to Beijing. I want to talk about the amazing ten days in Colorado. I want to go document the local vegetable market with my camera and interview the beggar guy outside of April Gourmet. I don't know if i will do any of that, but at least i'm excited about it. And that means i'll keep writing. I just don't want to feel compelled to blog once a week, or 5 times a month. I think they'll be less frequent, but hopefully more enjoyable for everyone.

Hope you enjoyed the rant.

Here are two pictures Steph took on Jan 7th, at 30,000 ft, on my birthday. Steph and Ken were sitting next to me on the return flight to Beijing, and helped me celebrate my birthday mid-flight. The flight attendants were amazingly nice as well, and gave me a piece of cheesecake (no candles though, even they aren't allowed matches), lots of free tiny booze bottles, and even a full bottle of nice champagne, unopened, which i took home.

Later that weekend, ten of us went to Capital M for a luxury brunch. Ellen and i took turns wearing the birthday glasses, as her birthday is was the 9th.


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