Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hong Kong Tournament

I'm way behind on this because i've had two crazy weeks of work and no time to post, but i'd be remiss to not post embarrassing pictures of our costume for the Hong Kong tournament. Big Brother went as My Little Ponies. Therese was Lickety Split and i was Fancy Pants, which i made up but whatever. Any excuse to dress up in a wig and pink clothes, am i right fellas? haha. heh.

We did not win the party which is ok with us. Our theme was thrown together literally 24 hours earlier, as many of us didn't know if the tournament would even happen. Remember hurricane Megi? All week long, she was forecasted to pummel Hong Kong proper with a terrifying display of 100+ mph winds and city-crippling floods. On Friday morning, the day of our flight, all the weather forecasters said Sorry, we were just joking! It's totally gonna hit Taiwan instead!

So yeah... My Little Ponies! It's also becoming an annual event to ride the Hong Kong subway dressed in ridiculous outfits. Nina, Jim, Tao, and Alicia also joined us for the annual event.

Mingling among the random subway-goers.

Special call-out to Tao. Tao either goes all out (see Optimus Prime in above link), or he just doesn't even try. Look at those sad little hooves he's wearing.

Also note-worthy was Matt Mueller, who dressed as the pony's enemy, Hurricane Megi! He took turns attacking various ponies throughout the night.

And then we danced! In a cage!

Since i haven't already mentioned it, and since it's also the title of this post, i should mention Big Brother took 2nd in the finals against United Colorum. The weekend in general was the best i've ever seen Big Brother play. We won all 6 games leading up to the finals, including beating United Colorum on day one, 7-5. We lost the finals 13-11, after leading at 7-6 in one of the most exciting games i've seen in a long time. It was a pleasure to be a part of it, and i was thrilled to have played well for the team.

Tomorrow, therese and i head to the Philippines for two weeks of relaxing and trying to forget about work for a while. After the chaotic and stressful few weeks i've just had, i'm really ready for it. Stay tuned for a post or two while traveling Palawan, and then again for Manila Spirits, one of the best tournaments in asia.


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