Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thrillah in Manila

Wow. Lot's of pictures this time, i took over 300 in the first 3 days. Our Philippines adventure began in Manila, site of the Asia Oceania Ultimate Club Championships. Thirty-two mixed teams, nine Mens, and 4 Womens came to compete. Final standings in the three categories were Link (Japan) over the Boracay Dragons in Mens, Philippines over D-CUUP (China) in Women's, and Black Flag (All-star pick-up team from around the world) over Shiok (Singapore). Pictured below is CUUP and D-CUUP, China's Men's and Women's teams.

Our field location at the Alabang Country Club were beautiful, and was the most picturesque field location i've ever seen, rivaling Pleasantview in Boulder and Jeju in South Korea. We were surrounded on all sides by tropical trees and lush vegetation. We spent out bye rounds lying in the shade, looking up through palm trees and acacias, watching layers of clouds pass each other like boats crossing on the horizon.

Triple J

Our team from Beijing, Triple J, had a very good but hard Saturday, losing to Boracay by one point in our first game, defeating Disc Nights by one, and losing a close game to the other Beijing team, Ninja Bear Cowboy, who ended up finishing about 5th overall. Our plans to win the B pool on Sunday fell apart. We were plagued by sickness and injuries from two consecutive days of hard ultimate, and were short on people. Also, it was crazy hot and we were just plain exhausted. The previous night's party may have had something to do with it...

Saturday night is traditionally the biggest party at a tournament. This one would be epic. The theme was Zombies, and Triple J (from the people who brought you Doozers) had a two stage costume to commemorate the event. We started off the evening dressed as brain salesmen in matching black shirts and green ties. We passed out business cards: "Triple J Brains - Since 1718". We cut the scalp off a plastic skull and mashed a concoction of melon, bananas, tropical fruit juice, and rum, and spoon-fed it to all the zombies at the party.

A few of our customers...

When the clock struck midnight, we all got on stage, converted the tie to a bandana, and tore off our black shirts, buttons flying, to reveal ZOMBIE KILLERS written on our undershirts. Armed with squirt guns, we fought for our lives against the seething,drunken, brain-dead mass on the dance floor below. Our brain salesmen cover had just been a ruse to get close to the zombies to make our final assault.

I'm now on the last few days of Boracay with another 400+ photos to sort through. Paradise is exhausting.


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