Monday, November 16, 2009

Five Boracay Sunsets

Six days and five nights on the island paradise of Boracay is perfectly impossible to describe. Adjectives have not been invented for the english language to describe it, so i will invent a new one: reslaxinate: to rejuvenate, slack, and relax. That pretty much sums up our vacation.

The forecast in Boracay was the same, everyday: highs in the upper eighty's, lows in upper seventy's, with a chance of thunderstorms...
It only drizzled once or twice and briefly at that, but the ever-looming clouds presented a perfect foundation for spectacular sunsets. Each one was breathtaking, leaving you wondering how life could get any better. Here are the Five Boracay Sunsets from November 9th through the 13th.

DAY ONE: Fresh off the boat.
From the balcony of our luxury suite, Boracay welcomes a happy therese and a hungover kev.

DAY TWO: Subtle and calming.
Perfect for our first full day of sun and reslaxination after three hard days of frisbee in Manila.

DAY THREE: Vast and ominous.
Sunset at the daily beach frisbee fields.

DAY FOUR: Can it get any better?

DAY FIVE: The Finale.
After four hours at Mandala Spa (award winning), therese and i have dinner and cocktails on the beach as the sun sets for the last time.

More to come as i work through hundreds of photos amidst re-entering reality.



The Tao said...


Boracay Hotels said...

Lovely sunrise... I feel the scent of the sunrise, peaceful and harmful...

Tanya Gemarin

Andrew Brown said...

WOW! I'm in Boracay now (in Boracay Holiday Resort) and I was googling pics of sunrises in Boracay. You're are some of the best out there! Awesome pics!

Primrose said...

These are brilliant collection of sunset photographs! AMAZING! Thanks for sharing.