Friday, October 22, 2010

What are the odds?

It's no secret that Chinese apartment buildings are total crap. They are built for quick turnaround and short-sighted profit, using cheap supplies and, obviously, very cheap labor. The corporate apartment i lived in when i first arrived was high end, and the kitchen cabinets fell sending a microwave crashing to the floor. The plumbing also failed frequently and it was infested with cockroaches, but it all looked very nice. It was all smoke and mirrors.

We now live in Sun City, another very nice complex, relatively speaking. It's composed of four buildings, built in two phases, one year apart. Thus, buildings 1 and 2 are a year older than 3 and 4l. We looked at a dozen places in phase one and they were terrible; peeling wall paper, broken bathrooms, water damage everywhere, one didn't even have electricity. Building 3 and 4 were so much nicer, it didn't seem possible they were only separated by a year.

Mind you, the oldest building in Sun City is only seven years old.

I'm betting yesterday is the exact day the warranty on our apartment ran out. Within a few days, 80% of all our water-based appliances failed. The water hoses on the toilet and the shower broke, the kitchen sink faucet wouldn't give us hot water, and the laundry drain overflowed it's contents into the living room. Again. Only the bathroom faucet escaped the mutiny.

True, the laundry machine is an appliance, unrelated to the construction of the apartment, but still: What are the odds?


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