Monday, March 22, 2010

Widespread Dust - *Updated*

I woke up this morning and checked the weather for today. I was not pleased with what i saw.
Winter is over and spring has arrived. Beijing will soon turn off the centralized heat in every home because China declares it will now be warm. In many places, spring is a time of joy, of new growth and fresh starts, of starting cycles over again. In Beijing, it is a time for sandstorms.

The first day of spring has barely arrived and we have already endured two days of Widespread Dust. Saturday was awful. The whole city smelled like a construction site. You cry brown tears of watery pain. Therese and i did not leave the house until dinner. Outside, you couldn't see buildings two blocks away. Everything was coated in a thin layer of brown. It was not excellent.

Today is Monday, and we've been hit with round two. Beijing's air quality is reported as "Dangerous". I wish i could stay indoors, but we had to visit a new potential supplier in northern Beijing. Here are a few pictures from the journey.

That sky looked even more apocalyptic in person. I'm ready for summer now.


UPDATE: For an impressive video of the recent sandstorms from CNN, go here and click weather.


Anonymous said...

Do you still have your ski goggles?

Anonymous said...

"Widespread Dust" might be a good name for your next band, eh?
GG (Ray)