Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Even Newer Pad

Our lease on the current pad is up next month, and we are choosing to move. I was a bit reluctant, as i dislike moving. Moving to me is like a chore covered in penalty wrapped in procrastination. I dread the process of looking, negotiating, settling, dismantling, packing, moving, unpacking, arranging, and rearranging. It's even more draining looking in Beijing because, since my Chinese is now competent, it's my job to talk with all these agents on the phone. Then they call me up all the time, pester me, send me text messages, and waste our time by showing us wrong places or ones that are out of our price range. Ok, that was just one guy, but i did not like him.

Anyway, we've been monitoring new listings for about three weeks now and looked ten places before we found what we wanted. Here are the stats, using our current place as a baseline.
  • 100% more bedrooms!
  • 50% more kitchen!
  • 100% awesomer living room!
  • 2.4X better furniture!
  • 200% more natural light!
  • Infinity more bathtub!
  • 40% larger!
  • 6/5th higher price!
So yeah, we're pretty excited. And possibly the best part is the actual logistics of moving. It's in our current building, 12 floors down on the 5th, and there's a perfect 10 day overlap in our rental agreements. We win at apartment renting.


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Julia said...

ok. this is amazing. first, i think you are living in Sun city aka the best apartment complex on Planet Beijing. Have you met Mr. Ma? Second, looks like you guys found a steal. enjoy the new place. if i could send you plants as a house warming gift, i would. Much love to you both and miss you TONS-julia