Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Thoughts on Coming Home

In 16 hours, i'll be on US soil for the first time in 14 months. That's the longest i've been away in my life, and it's longer than most people can fathom. Imagine picking up your life, everything you own, storing it, kissing your loved ones goodbye, parting with your friends, and embarking on a completely unknown adventure. It's a terrifying thought to most people. It's the best decision i ever made.

And now, with fresh eyes and a new perspective, i'm giddy with anticipation of what my homes will mean to me. What will Boulder say to me? How will the mountains feel? Will the air taste as sweet as i remember? The faces, blending in with all the other white faces, the sounds, understanding every word spoken around me, my family, it's been so long.

But, Beijing threw us a pretty awesome going away party, three of them, actually. With some incredible friends. I'll recap them later. Here's a taste of CNY, spend on the frozen lake of Hou Hai.

I love life! USA - i'm coming home!


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