Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jeju Revisted

As previously promised here, i have more choice photos to add from Jeju.

Aces Day Off
Therese has some cool shots from Sunday, when she abandoned the Frisbee festivities in favor of a glorious island adventure. There's a small national park near the hotel and her pictures tell a story by themselves.

I especially like the last one, featuring the salad that accompanied her lunch that day. It's a fish head salad sparsely decorated with seaweed, served upon a featureless white void of infinity.

Big Brother and the Fields
From Mike Shyu's camera, here's the fierce-looking team and a great shot of the fields, me storming off the field after battle, and more me being anti-social while i worked at the airport.

The Rubik's Party
These first three pics are from Sandy and the last one is from Therese.

When i traded my orange outfit for the yellow smock-based thing, it didn't come with any pants. It's a good thing all these photos are from the waist up, for i was just in my underwear. Good times!


P.s. Happy Cinco De Mayo everyone!

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