Wednesday, May 28, 2008

International Intrigue

I started tracking this blogs visitors by country with It's pretty cool; it doesn't tell me who is checking it out, just where they are from. So, below is a snapshot of everyone who's visited my blog so far. Sweet.

I'm pretty sure I can account for the visitors in the U.S., Britian, Spain, France, Sweden, New Zealand, Beijing, Brazil, and Chile. But, I don't think i have any direct contacts (yet!) in Southern China, India, Nepal, South Korea, Japan, Argentina, Indonesia (Andy?) or the Philippines.

Who are you people?

And welcome!

p.s. I've also fixed it so Anonymous users can post comments.


Wrender said...

Flying Plate! Nice Blog, blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

this blog sucks!

The Tao said...

hehe, kidding!

Is statcounter better than sitemeter, iyo?

kevinreitz said...

tao- i've only used statcounter, but it has some really nice features and is easy to use.

Anonymous said...

Hope you can come to Manila (Philippines) for Spirits 08 in November :D

kevinreitz said...

Count me in, Anonymous filipino frisbee playing commenter. After playing with you all in Shanghai, I wouldn't miss you home tournament for anything. Also, there's the Rhum to consider.... :)