Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Kaila Esther Reitz

At 2:14am, June 12th, 2014, my daughter was born 7lbs 9oz.

Already one week past her June 4th due date, Esther and I were on heightened alert.  Even so, Kaila was almost born in the car.

June 11th - We went to the hospital after Esther had some mild contractions around lunchtime.  We decided to head back home after they subsided and she felt normal.  That evening, we put Jordan to bed as usual, watched a movie, and went to bed.

June 12th, 1:10am - Esther woke up and said, "It's time."  We got ourselves ready quickly, grabbed our bags, and took off.  We were borrowing a car from a friend and someone had double parked, blocking us in. Fortunately, the security guard was able to track down the owner and get the car moved.

1:31am - I texted my friend at the hospital to let her know we were in the car and on the way. Her contractions are STRONG.

1:40am - We arrived at the hospital and they take her into a prelabor room. 7cm dilated.

1:50am - Esther is moved to the labor room and is on the table. No time for waterbirth.

2:14am - Kaila Esther is born after about 4 good pushes. No complications, everyone healthy.

While Jordan may not completely understand that Kaila is here to stay, he is surely intrigued. 

Kaila's Chinese name is Wang Kai Le, 王凯乐, meaning Triumphant Happy Queen*.
Jordan's name, Wang Kai Sen, 王凯森, means Triumphant Forest King.
Esther's name is Wang Lei, 王蕾, which means Budding Queen.
My name is Kai Wen, 凯文, which means Kevin.

We are destined for royalty.  Well, at least they are.  Maybe they'll let me tag along.


*Chinese scholars out there, i know king is 王, and queen is 女王, but i'm pretending the woman character is implied in her name.


BoJo Family said...

Congrats you two!!! She is beautiful. Truly a queen :)

AErlandson said...

Amanthony totally supports the combined name of Jorkaisthervin. Bit of a mouthful- but totllay awesome. :)

Matt St. Martin said...

Nicely done pal! When in the Denver area?

Matt St. Martin said...

Hey--doing paperwork and listening to Pandora. What comes on? Don't Get 2 Close! Thinking of you and your band now.