Saturday, August 24, 2013

Surviving the Summer in Style

For about two straight weeks, it was so hot in Hangzhou we actually ran out of cold water in our shower. I didn't know that was possible. I'm used to taking short showers in the winter because hot water is limited, but this was unexpected.

It hovered around 105F for what seemed like an eternity. We went outside only to get groceries, either very early or very late, trying in vain to beat the heat. It was the hottest summer in recorded Hangzhou history. But it's a wet heat? Nope, that does not make it better.

Esther and I escaped for one night to a mountain resort courtesy of More Magazine, and we left Jordan with her mom. It was our first night away from him since he was born. Uneventful!  Except for swimming and music and food and wine and llamas.  Yes, there were llamas.

Meanwhile, Jordan's basically the same as ever oh no wait he's far more awesome now that he has a...

He also has a remote-controlled car and wears sunglasses. Cuz that's just how he rolls. And apparently it's science that if you give your infant a mohawk, it will make him walk on his 10-month birthday. We ran an experiment in our house, with a non-repeatable sample size of one (1), and found statistically insignificant data supporting this hypothesis. Observe, the first day of Jordan's tenth month:

That's a good boy.  And... one week later:

Thanks, Science!


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