Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Beijing Cream

Anthony "Toni" Tao recently started a blog called Beijing Cream.  Check it out, it's pretty damn good.

I gave him my first contribution this weekend, in the form of a restaurant review.  Tao likes swearing, so i added a few in my review.

I went to two tournaments in the last three weekends, and Shanghai won both of them.  Both tournaments did nothing to help our rivalry with Shanghai, and if anything, it greatly intensified it.  At Ningbo, we only had 8 players in the finals against them, since three of our player left early to catch a train.  Shanghai would not let us pick up even one player to try to compensate a little for the players we lost, so we played with 6 guys and 2 girls, and one of our girls was injured.  They won easily.

Then this weekend at Nanjing, Shanghai was the team short-handed.  This time however, they picked up two of the best players at the tournament halfway through day one.  When we played them on day 2, they even had more players than us... 12 to our 11.  We lost 8-7 on universe point.

Does this seem fair to anyone?  Shanghai likes to bend the rules to their favor whenever they can, and we were not pleased at all.

In other news, Esther and I are now in Xiao Shan, making the final preparations for our wedding on April 30th.  Wish us luck!



The Tao said...

You did not swear for my sake, you [redacted] [redacted] [redacted].

~LoveLife~ said...

Hey kev, that deffentaly doesn't seem fair. Bur thats how life seems to go, what's good for one isn't good for another! At least you get to know you didn't have to bring in some "ringers" just so you could win. Ahhhh,whomtgs he'll am I kiddin, no one wants to cone in anything but first! lol
Also congrats to you & Ester!! Good luck on your wedding!! ~LoveLife~nick