Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2011

This year for Halloween, i went out with Baby Girl, Leigh, Ginny, and Alex. They dressed as characters from Peter Pan: Alex as Captain Hook, Ginny as Peter Pan, Leigh as Tiger Lilly, and Baby Girl as Tick Tock the Crocodile. I was Borat. I didn't get the memo.

Our destination that night (Saturday the 29th) was the subway party. Basically, it was a massive gathering of foreigners and locals in costume, partying on subway line 2. You meet at Dongzhimen station, get on a train with a bunch of other costumed party-goers, and ride all 18 stops of Line 2. This takes about 45 minutes, during which people share beers and bottles throughout the various cars.

Arriving back at Dongzhimen, everyone got off and partied on the subway platform for another hour and a half. Ginny and Alex staged multiple sword fights, and occasionally Baby Girl would come along and attack Alex. Everyone loved it, and they were instant celebrities. Locals lined up to have their picture taken with them.

I walked around insulting people in-character as Borat. If you don't know who Borat is, you're probably my parents and i'm not going to explain.

There must have been 300 people there, and we completely baffled the subway staff. Although clearly overwhelmed, they were pretty good humored. I saw them chatting up crazy dressed foreigners and seemed content to let us continue being crazy until the subway closed at 11pm. Eventually, the police arrived and politely corralled us out of the station.

We ended up at Sanlitun where more mayhem ensued, but it was just your garden-variety, late-night, bar-hopping shenanigans. But in costume.

In other Halloween news, i think it's funny how traffic to my website spikes when the holiday approaches. See the most common search keywords below.


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