Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Cuandixia, Revisited

On the Monday of May 1st holiday, i visited Cuandixia again. This time i went with Alicia, Tao, and YJ, who is new to this blog. YJ is a Singaporean, recently transplanted to Beijing, plays ultimate, and also has a car. She was thrilled to drive there, which was much nicer than our 3 hour journey last time. Everyone, this is YJ; Yj, Everyone.

Also, since Tao was on board and he's a journalist, he wrote a story about it for Beijing Today, and used my photos for the article. I love when Tao writes my posts for me.

Having already been there i was also able to steer the group to places i had not already been. It's a really tiny village, but there were still a few new things to check out. Like this here Guandi temple on the hill. Nothing remarkable, but a nice temple nonetheless.

And a playground. Look how happy Tao is! Weee!

And these here quaint sittin' chairs.

We also did a new hike this time. Instead of taking the long road up and behind the village, we hiked the mountain directly across from it. This offered panoramic views of the village itself, as well as opportunity for off-trail exploring. It was a shorter hike, but no less enjoyable than the other one.

Strolling down the main road, we just chatted and enjoyed the near perfect weather. Really, it's just nice to get out of Beijing, even just for half a day.


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