Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Muse and Turtles

Next week, Therese and I are headed to the Philippines for the vacation of a lifetime. The first three days are Thrillah in Manila, the largest Ultimate Frisbee tournament in asia. The next 7 days will be spent on the island of Boracay, a beach paradise, voted numerous times as one of the best and most popular tropical beaches in the world.

We've both secured the time off work and are busy tying up all the loose ends before we depart. A few of those loose ends revolve around our pets. Which segues nicely into a few pictures i have laying around.

First up... Muse!
Muse is a good kitty, except when she's being an ass. Lately she's been feisty and doesn't want to be held. Except for those times when she only wants to be held. But then you can't touch her, or she'll start gnawing on your flesh. She purrs a lot, which is cute, except when you touch her, and then she hisses. She whines for food at 7am and 7pm like clockwork. It's more reliable then our alarm clock, which, actually, doesn't always work and talks to us in chinese. She's had a cold for about a month now, and she's been to the vet twice. The sneezing was funny at first, but then she pooped on Therese when a sneeze forced it out. In front of my parents. It was pretty hilarious. (sorry baby!)

Muse is the only kitty i know who LOVES her cat carrier.

When she yawns it looks like her face is going to come off. I'll keep trying to get that photo. Here she just looks like a devil kitty, but you get the idea.

Next up - The Turts!

We got them this floating log to play on and they chill on it all the time. Except whenever we are around... then they are swimming at us endlessly. They follow us as we walk by the tank and when we stop, they just keep on paddling after us. I wonder what they would do if they ever caught us. Just keep on paddling? Or eat us? Or, like, realize we aren't that great and just turn around?

Peeking out of the window in the log. Awwww.

And here's a bee on a flower. Not our pet, but i like this picture anyway.

Now where was i? Oh yeah, Manila is gonna be awesome and stuff!


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