Thursday, June 4, 2009

Battle Chuar?

Overseas fans of the popular Beijing ex-pat drinking game, Battle Caps, will no doubt be delighted to read this exciting news. Kevin Reitz, Battle Caps co-inventor and clear favorite at any Battle Caps contest, performed yet another incredible feat of dexterity and concentration... and meat throwing.

From a distance of 15 feet, on his first try, he successfully sunk a lamb skewer into his opponent's beer glass. Avid followers of the popular sport will note that under normal circumstances, no other objects/food are allowed to be thrown other than clean beer caps. The aforementioned opponent, Tao, sanctioned this throw as a "one-time offer", merely because they had temporarily lost all their caps.

Kevin took aim, checked for breeze, and with a high arching toss, launched the skewer javelin-style over the beer bottles between him and his target. It was dead on and the fans went wild. Tao drank the beer and ate the lamb. For more on this story and pictures, please visit the Beijing Ultimate Blog.


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Anonymous said...

15 feet????
3 feet, baby, 3 feet